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Hidraven Foamy Soap Free Cream

غسول منظف للبشرة الجافة و الحساسة بدون صابون ينظف البشرة من الشوائب و الأتربة كما يمكن استخدام لازاله المكياج بشكل فعال و سريع ، تركيبة مرطبه للبشرة.

Suitable for daily facial cleansing for all skin types, especially for delicate and sensitive, acne-prone or soap intolerant skin. Recommended for fast and effective facial and eye makeup removal. Because of its special composition it is appropriate for intimate hygiene too.

Ingredient: Chamomile extract, oatmeal and mimosa, aloe vera.

Information: Hidraven soap free foamy cream is tolerated extremely well, because it contains natural plant extracts (chamomile, oatmeal, mimosa and aloe), has moisturizing, soothing, regenerating and protecting skin components. Has triclosan which has an antibacterial effect.

Dose: Moisten skin and apply the product with a gentle massage until a smooth and creamy lather. Rinse with abundant water. This product maybe be used as many times as desired.

Category: Face/Body | Soap Free Cleanser - Dry Skin

BHD: 12.495

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