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Arnica gel forte

يقلل الانتفاخ تحت العين و يستخدم بعد حقن الفيلر و البلازما والميزو لتقليل الالتهاب والكدمات بعد الحقن.

After any injection in the face (botox-filler-prp

Ingredient: • Arnica extract (7%) – provides perfect care for skin with dilated capillaries, reduces the tendency to redness, soothes, regenerates and strengthens.
• Troxerutin (0.2%) – active form of rutin (vitamin P), provides antioxidative eefect, evens skin tone, reduces visibility of dilated capillaries.
• Acerola extract (3%) – the richest fruit in vitamin C (it contains 100 times more vitamin C than citrus fruits) gently brightens the skin, has a positive effect on collagen and elastin. It protects skin against excessive moisture loss.

How to Use: Apply the gel to the eye area or to the sites which require treatment. Gently spread it all over the skin in circular motions and leave it on until fully absorbed.

Category: face/body | Bruises

BHD: 6.950

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